Integral Calculus

Symbols representing these functions. What is an integrand and a constant of intergration. Meaning of an indefinite integral. A table showing standard results integral calculus.

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Binomial Theorem

Definition of binomial expression and theorem. Greatest coefficient and properties of binomial coefficients. Multinomial theorem and tips on the solution of binomial coefficients. Also a number o solved examples to help you study.

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What are integers their multiples and factors. Prime numbers defined. Also method for finding LCM.

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Definition of a fraction, numerator and denominator. Mixed numbers and whole numbers. Adition, subtration, multiplication and division of fractions. Reducing of a fraction to lowest term.

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Convertng decimals into fractions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals. Devision of decimals by ten.

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Link between fractions and percentage. Use of percentage in interest and discount.

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Metric Conversion

Units Conversion From Imperial/US customary units to SI/Metric units. A table of conversions given for lenght, area, mass, volume, speed, force, pressure, density, energy and power.

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Basic identities of algebra

Distributive law, commutative law, associative law, difference of squares, sum of cubes, difference of cubes.

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Roots of a quadratic equation.

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Area of a square, rectangle, triangle, trapezium, and parellelogram

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Volumes of a cube, sphere, hemisphere, cylinder and rectangular pyramid.

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Surface Area

Surface area of a cube, cuboid, sphere and cone.

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Properties of Triangles

Covers Pythagoras theorem, cosine and sine laws.

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Identities in Trigonometry

Sin, Cos, Tan, Cot, Sec and Cosec.

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